Tools for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns

When it comes to paid search engine optimization, you can't go from Google Ads. In fact, it is a SEA (Search Engime Advertising) optimization tool that aims to promote the visibility of the website and the notoriety of sponsored links as well as to quickly generate quality traffic. Thus, thanks to Google Awords you can promote your brand and product. In order to successfully manage your search engine campaign and optimize your return on investment (ROI), you need to master this tool.

Google Ads: a good tool to set up a sponsored links campaign

Google Ads, or Google Adwords is a powerful and constantly developing platform that allows you to manage a sponsored link campaign or advertising targeting strategy across a network of Google Display sites. With this tool, your ads, whether in text, image or video form, will be displayed on certified Google Partner networks and on Google platforms such as Gmail and Youtube as soon as the user's search matches them. The Google Ads mechanism is based on CPC (cost per click) bidding and a cycle between the ad, the keywords and the landing page. Thus, Google Ads allows you to be better positioned on the search engine in just a few minutes and to generate maximum visibility and non-negligible traffic. However, managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns is not a matter to be taken lightly since it requires a lot of time, but also a good knowledge of ATS. Therefore, if you want to effectively boost your advertising campaign using Google Adwords, you are advised to use a SEA referrer. Professionals fully understand how these tools work and can therefore optimise the result of your campaign.

Google Ads automatic campaign optimization tools

Generally speaking, Google Ads is easy to handle and the advertising campaign cannot be improvised. Because, to build your campaign, you must first define the keywords for which your ads appeared. You then choose the distribution platform (search engine or / and Google display network), then determine the format you want (textual, pictorial or visual) and write it. Finally, you will have to determine the overall monthly budget you plan to allocate to your digital marketing campaign, but also the maximum cost of your bid. Please note that your Google Adwords campaign will be charged on a cost-per-click basis, so if you don't see any clicks from users on your ad, the amount of your ad will be zero. Nevertheless, the management of the Google Ads campaign is not always obvious due to its scalable mechanism and requires a considerable amount of time. For this reason, Google has made available to brands Google Ads campaign automation tools such as Adskype and Google Ads automation tools. They will allow you to manage your ad automatically while saving time.

The "Keyword Planner" and "Adwors Editor" tool from Google Ads

To help advertisers easily implement their digital marketing campaign, Google has also created keyword planning tools for Adwords clients. This is the Keyword Planner which is accessible on the Google Ads interface in the "Tool" section. This keyword planner for paid referencing allows you to know the quantity of searches and trends from keywords but also to get new ideas of expressions more adapted to your content. In addition, among the essential tools for managing and optimizing your campaign on Googles Ads you can not ignore the Adwors Editor. Proposed by Google, the latter is rather created to manage more quickly a campaign rather heavy in terms of capacity. Thus, with this tool, you can download several campaigns on your computer and make your changes offline, then import the advanced version to your Google Ads account. Finally, Adwors Editor allows you to efficiently and simultaneously manage your campaigns and save time.
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