Webmarketing, a global strategy

Webmarketing is a global strategy that should facilitate the achievement of the objectives that have been defined in the business plan. For it to be effective, it is not enough to simply create a Facebook page, open a Twitter account…

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Multi-channel is good, cross-channel is better!

It’s not easy to find your way around when you’re an e-merchant, especially if you haven’t had any training in marketing. Branders speak in languages that are not always understandable on blogs, newsletters and social networks so much so that…

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How to sell your website ?

Selling a website is quite possible by using a website buying and selling platform. The transaction is possible whether it is a showcase site or the sale of an e-commerce portal. The sale of a website is a simple and…

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Webmarketing: optimizing ROI through SEO

With the development and democratization of natural and sponsored SEO techniques, the need to measure the profitability of webmarketing actions appeared. But what are the methods to be used, as well as the indicators to be mobilized? Discover below some…

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