Multi-channel is good, cross-channel is better!

It's not easy to find your way around when you're an e-merchant, especially if you haven't had any training in marketing. Branders speak in languages that are not always understandable on blogs, newsletters and social networks so much so that you get lost easily. So it is important to give simple explanations of the terms used in marketing. This dossier will focus on two specific terms, multi-channel and cross-channel.

What is the difference between the two?

The multi-channel strategy is based on the use of several sales channels, which are made available to companies. They can thus start selling on a website, on social networks, do distance selling with a catalogue or sell by phone and mobile phone. Offering this strategy to customers is a sensible option, however each channel is independent, so customers must choose the one that suits them best. They will have to judge for themselves which one is most convenient and best suited to their expectations and needs.

Is cross-channel the best strategy

Unlike multi-channel, cross-channel is essentially based on the customer experience. The approach is to cross all the benefits of the different channels and then the customer will choose the channel that suits him. He can thus buy on a website from his computer, keep a watch on a tablet, save money by using a promotional code he will have received by SMS and have it delivered directly to a shop in case it is never available at the carrier's opening hours. The main objective of cross-channel is therefore to improve the synergy between channels in order to bring comfort to consumers throughout the purchasing process. In short, the strategy enables customers to make purchases at any time and to enjoy the same shopping experience with a comparable level of service regardless of the point of sale they choose.

Cross-channel better than multi-channel

As multi-channel marketing is a strategy that combines the action of several solicitation channels, the consumer buying experience is not really complete. With cross-channel marketing, the different channels can work together. Buyers can experience new buying processes by using all the channels they have at hand, such as the smarpthone, the tablet and even the computer. In this sense, cross-channel is far more interesting than multi-channel. Think about it when you want to create a retail site.
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