How to sell your website ?

Selling a website is quite possible by using a website buying and selling platform. The transaction is possible whether it is a showcase site or the sale of an e-commerce portal. The sale of a website is a simple and effective way to stop your business and get value for your investment. The operation is simple, you publish your ad, you respond to potential buyers interested in the offer of the site for sale. Selling a website can be done in a secure way. Those who choose to buy a website or develop it accelerate the start of their activity.

Tips to sell a website at the best price

Regardless of the reasons that motivate owners to sell their website, the value of the portal should be properly assessed. Also consider obtaining several proposals before giving up years of work and referencing to the first buyer interested in the offer. It is important to prepare the site before selling it. For this, it will be necessary to create a complete file on the platform. To satisfy the curiosity of potential buyers, the seller will have to publish a description of the site's activities, number and brief content of articles already put online and explanations of the portal's target. Do not forget to compile important traffic indicators. These may include the number of daily visits, bounce rate, loyalty and conversion rates to the various targets. It will also be necessary to detail the criteria that increase the value of the site. These can be the turnover, the age of the platform, the number of subscribers to the newsletter, the importance of the emailing database, the positioning in search engines, installed paid plug-ins, number of subscribers on social networks... By gathering several other elements, it is essential to estimate the price to sell a site. Those who wish to sell a website can choose to use a specialized tool.

Different steps to sell a website online

In order to sell a site properly, it is important to carry out preparatory work. The first step is to keep data on daily traffic and revenues generated by the portal. In order to do this, a daily log will have to be kept to record these 2 relevant pieces of information. It is also important to analyse the traffic on your site. At least 12 months before the sale, it is recommended to install Google Analytics. This tool allows portal owners to provide access to the site's traffic information to potential buyers. The trick to monetizing a site is to have accurate information on the revenue obtained from the site during the 12 months prior to the publication of sale ads. The first criterion to encourage customers to buy a website is to prove the value of the site by installing reliable and famous recipe recording and/or simulator tools. Those who wish to sell their site at auction will have to provide detailed data on the platform. Owners of sites for sale can personally handle the management of the transaction. The buyer does not only wish to get a good deal, but can also reassure himself by discovering for example that he is making a serene transaction dealing with the site owner.

Why buy a website?

The purchase of a website that has already achieved a high number of sales can be assimilated to the purchase of a company. On the other hand, selling a website poor in editorial content and SEO work can be assimilated to the purchase of a raw communication tool. Selling a website that has already proven its worth is therefore much more interesting than buying a recently launched website or creating a new portal and proceeding with its referencing. When selling a website, the turnover should be taken into account as a guide to its cost.
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