Webmarketing, a global strategy

Webmarketing is a global strategy that should facilitate the achievement of the objectives that have been defined in the business plan. For it to be effective, it is not enough to simply create a Facebook page, open a Twitter account or create a blog. These are just elements of a tactic. A web strategy is above all the declination of the overall business strategy. How do you make it work?

Setting up a web strategy

In order to achieve the company's overall objectives, it is essential to define objectives for the web. It is therefore important to set targets as this will ensure that the marketing budget is not wasted. You need to know exactly who your customers will be. To do this, it will be necessary to determine the "personas", i.e. the demographic and behavioural characteristics of the customers. The first thing to do is to know the status of the typical customer and his position within a family, is it a father, a son or other? If it is a company, is the target the human resources manager or rather the marketing director? The personas will then have to be given a name, a level of education, a city and an age. Segmenting prospects avoids unnecessary spending.

Set up an objective on the Internet

It is necessary to know precisely why one invests on the internet. Is it to be more visible, to work on a specific element of notoriety or simply to transmit values? Is the objective to get a head start or to create traffic on the web? Is the goal to create leads or contacts to turn them into future customers? These are just a few questions that need to be asked before setting up an objective. It is crucial to point out that even if the internet represents a real asset for companies, it can also easily betray its users. It can therefore happen that a marketing team may not achieve their objectives even by implementing actions that may seem relevant.

The other elements of a global web marketing strategy are as follows

Several concepts must be taken into consideration, a true marker will know, that it is imperative to define a transformation tunnel to develop approaches to capture the attention of prospects and to carry out actions in line with the needs of these targets. It is then necessary to determine a money site or a virtual platform to reap the benefits. In addition, a landing page will have to be integrated into the money site. The last strategy is to develop KPIS. They will allow to manage the performance of the sites with tools such as Google Analytics.
Multi-channel is good, cross-channel is better!
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