Product Information Management

What project management tools are optimized for tracking and approving many different project activities?

Project management tools help project managers manage their tasks and plan activities that individuals and groups will do. Such tools help in activities such as scheduling, collaboration, evaluation, and documentation of various tasks. The capabilities differ from one tool to…

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How do I get free leads for my business?

For any enterprise to grow and become successful, it has to have a solid stream of potential new trade. Getting your leads ensures that your enterprise stays afloat. While you can pay for leads, it should be the last resort…

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Inbound Marketing: What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing or lead nurturing is a concept that is often linked to Inbound Marketing. This technique evolves regularly and helps companies to nurture potential customers right up to the decision making stage. The strategy is mainly based on personalized…

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Which advertising objects are made to improve the customer experience?

Using promotional objects to convey the image of one’s company is a well-known fact. But for them to be effective, they must be offered at the right time and, above all, they must arouse an emotion in customers so that…

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What is content marketing?

Account marketing, also called content marketing, is a discipline that involves the creation and dissemination of a brand in media content in order to develop business and improve its notoriety. The information content can be present in different forms: videos,…

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How does an inbound marketing agency work?

Nowadays, inbound marketing strategy is booming. It is no longer a question of interrupting a prospect in his usual activities, but of making him come to you. In order to do this, it is essential to know the best practices…

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